Reggae - Stilübungen, musikalisch

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Stilübung REGGAE
"Yeah, my name Rass Krass. I'm from Hildesheim, Jamaica."
(P.R. Kantate)
Komposition: P.R. Kantate
Text: Susanne Franzmeyer
Interpretation: P.R. Kantate, Susanne Franzmeyer (Backings)

I saw you standing in die Straßenbahn
Lovely seventeen, with your mini skirt on,
Why didn't you look at me at all?
Is it because I'm so small?
You only had shine eyes for this beardy slabba-man,
That rude boy who pushed his waist in your direction.
I wish you'd better look at me and not at him.
(Perhaps you thought I was just a needy Flüchtling?)
You left the Straßenbahn and set down in a shelter
That beardy slabba man staring at you and sweating like a smelter.
If you only had given me a tiny little sign
I would have beat him up and he would have left you crying
And you left the Straßenbahn
and sat down in a shelter.
But you had only eyes for him that beardy slabba bhutu,
And I'm too proud to say something without a hint from you.
And then this hitey titey woman shocked you in the place
Flattering the slabba-man's aggression by his waist.
The Straßenbahn drove on and I left you sitting there,
Oh lovely little girlie with knee-highs and brown hair
By chance I saw you later at the marketplace cafe
With your blujeans and sneakers
And you looked so irie!
But you only had eyes for a black-haired young man,
And not for me poor boy who fell in love with you again.
But you only had eyes for a blaick-haired (erinnert an Blackheart) Bungu man,
And not for me poor boy
Who fell in love with you again!

Zeichnung Sabine Kurpiers - Stilübungen, musikalisch - Mädchen steigt aus der Straßenbahn, Mann schaut hinterher
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